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JEE Mains

Videos2Learn JEE Mains exam video tutorials have been specifically created to cater to the young engineering aspirants, who are constantly stretched to understand, assimilate and recall concepts in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Our video learning modules strive to simplify the process by providing aspirants the chance to quickly learn and rehash topics through a set of videos that cover the current syllabus of JEE. We understand that the stringent screening from 2013 requires a revised approach that would enable students to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals, and our video learning sessions for engineering entrance have been specially designed to facilitate enhanced absorption and comprehension.

Videos2Learn JEE Mains Math test preparation series consists of 289 videos with lessons such as Quadratic Equations, Linear Inequalities, Trigonometry, Permutations and Combinations, Statics and Dynamics and much more.

Videos2Learn JEE Mains Physics test preparation series consists of 252 videos with lessons such as Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Wave Optics and Electromagnetic Waves, Electrons and Photons and much more.

Videos2Learn JEE Mains Chemistry test preparation series consists of 203 videos with lessons such as Chemical Energetics and Thermodynamics, Redox reactions, Biomolecules, Polymers and Chemistry in Everyday Life and much more.

Videos2Learn JEE Combo comprises video learning modules that can help students practice and perfect their JEE preparation in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The comprehensive set of topics have been selected to include lessons that will be needed by aspirants to ace the JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The Engineering Mathematics test preparation module has 289 videos, the Physics test preparation module has 252 videos and the Chemistry test preparation module has 203 videos.

A robust catalyst that comes in handy for XII Students aspiring for top scores in JEE Mains.

Key Features:
About 500 problems solved in each subject exactly on JEE Pattern.
Handpicked and delivered by experts.
A fantastic reinforcer and last mile prep tool
Truly helps you to improve your scores.

Vidya Kumar, Trichy

The videos gave me a lot of confidence during my preparations and I was able to successfully ace my exams.