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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register myself in the Videos2Learn website?

  • Click on the REGISTER button at the top right corner of the home page.
  • In the resultant page that comes up, enter your personal details.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Upon successful registration, you will receive an email containing your registration details.

2. Is Registration mandatory?

  • Registration is mandatory if you wish to subscribe for paid video content.
  • Registration is not required if you wish to preview only free content.

3. Should I log into the Videos2Learn website after registration?

  • You will be automatically logged into the system the first time you successfully register.
  • During subsequent visits to this website, you will have to log into the system if you wish to subscribe for paid video content.

4. Can I preview videos for free?

  • Yes, you can preview free videos in each of the titles that we offer.
  • You can download one of our Apps into your device, install it and access our free video content.
  • This way, you can ascertain that our App and content work satisfactorily in your device before subscribing for our paid video content.

5. How do I subscribe for the paid video content offered in this site?

  • You can keep adding the products that you like to the shopping cart.
  • When you have completed your shopping, you can proceed to the Checkout.
  • Upon successful completion of payment, you will receive an email containing your order details.
  • If you have already installed our App in to your device, you can log into this App now and see the paid video content in the MY VIDEOS section of your App.
  • If you have not already installed our App in your device, you can now install the App and see the paid video content in the MY VIDEOS section of your App.

6. On which platforms are the Apps supported now?

  • The following platforms are currently supported for installing and using the APP.
    • Windows-7 based PC/Laptop
    • Windows-8 based PC/Laptop/Tablet
    • Android-based devices (Android 2.3 or higher)
  • We are working towards supporting the following platforms in the near future.
    • J2ME-based Mobile Phones
    • iOS-based devices

7. How do I install the App?

8. Can I see my videos in more than one Device?

  • You will be able to view the videos in any device of your choice. However, there is a restriction that only one device in each category will be allowed to install the corresponding App.
  • For example, if you install the App on a Windows-7 based Laptop the first time, the unique Identifier of that device will be stored in our central database along with your subscription expiry info. Subsequently, you will be able to view the downloaded content only in that Windows-7 based Laptop and you will not be able to transfer the App or the video content to another Windows-7 based Laptop or PC.

9. Can I transfer my App or downloaded video content to another device?

  • No, as explained above, you will not be able to transfer your App or downloaded video content to a new device that is not already registered in our central database.
  • If there are some extraneous considerations that require such a transfer, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

10. Why is access to video content being given on multiple devices and not one device only?

  • We believe that comprehensive learning can best happen on a PC/Laptop/Tablet where you will typically have adequate CPU & RAM for processing the videos, high speed Internet Broadband or Wi-Fi capabilities to download the videos and sufficient Disk Space to store the downloaded videos.
  • We also believe that since a typical mobile phone has limitations in its CPU, RAM, Internet Broadband or Wi-Fi capabilities and Disk Space availability, you may be able to download, store and view only a select set of videos that you can take with you wherever you go in order to review it at any time or any place.

11. Is internet access always required?

  • Internet access is definitely required when you need to
    • Register in the system for the first time
    • Download and install the App in your device
    • Log into the App to download free or paid video content
    • Log into the system for subscribing to our paid video content
    • Refresh the App with your latest paid subscription info
  • Internet access is not required when you wish to
    • View free video content that has already been downloaded into your App
    • View paid video content that has already been downloaded into your App and when your subscription has not expired yet.
  • However, the App may require you to connect to the Internet and Log into the system at certain other times whenever it determines that there is a need to refresh certain critical info such as the expiry of your subscription, unique ID of the device where the App was originally installed, etc.

12. What happens when my subscription expires?

  • You will be notified by email just before the expiry of your subscription so that you can renew your current subscription for an additional period if you so desire.
  • If you renew your current subscription before its expiry, you can continue to view all the downloaded video content without any interruptions.
  • If you do not renew your current subscription and it expires, you will not be able to view any more all the videos that you have already downloaded into your device.
  • 13. How do I renew my subscription?

    • Currently, you can renew your subscription for the same set of products or subscribe for a totally new set of products from this web site itself.
    • You can add the relevant products to your shopping cart, proceed to check-out and make the necessary payments.
    • Upon successful processing of payment, your subscription info will be updated in our central database and by refreshing your login in each of the Apps that you have been using, the Apps will be updated automatically with the new subscription information.
    • 14. What are the supported payment options?

      • Currently, you will be able to use your credit/debit card in our ICICI payment gateway to complete your payment transactions.
      • We will soon be integrating other industry standard payment gateways and mobile payment options to give you a wider selection to choose from.
      • 15. What happens when new versions of products or Apps are released?

        • We will proactively inform you by email whenever there is a planned upgrade to our Products or Apps.
        • We will also make it possible for you to upgrade your Apps seamlessly whenever newer releases are made available so that you can start to reap the benefits of such upgrades immediately .
        • 16. How do I report technical issues?

          • You may send the details by email to
          • You can also call our customer service team at +91.44.64544499 (Mon - Sat, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm).
          • 17. To whom should I send my comments, testimonials or any queries for additional info?

          • Please send us your inputs by email to
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