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5 Minute Video Lessons - Subscribe Once Learn Anywhere

At Videos2Learn, we have understood the challenges that students face and the criticality of quick assimilation for improved exam scores or success in an interview. In order to empower students with learning tools that promote quick absorption, we have created a set of 5-minute video learning sessions that are clear & concise and which require focused attention only for a short span of time.

Students have the freedom to download and access these videos anywhere & anytime by downloading and installing an APP in their personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. In addition to viewing some free video content that is available by default, students can subscribe for paid content by visiting and paying for a subscription plan of their choice.

The following platforms are currently supported for installing and using the APP.

  1. Windows-7 based PC/Laptop
  2. Windows-8 based PC/Laptop/Tablet
  3. Android-based devices (Android 2.3 or higher)

We are working towards supporting the following platforms in the near future.

  1. J2ME-based Mobile Phones
  2. iOS-based devices
"You can understand any concept in just 5 Minutes on any device of your choice !"
MS Panicker, Kochi

I have improved a lot by watching these videos and my confidence is much higher now.